SHANKILL at ACF London (curated by Vanessa Fewster and Katy Barron)
February 12 – April 26, 2019

with Mario Kiesenhofer, Alice Zoo, Lilli Burridge Payne,
Kathryn Delhouge, Christpher Gunson, Naa Taki Lebar, Anita Strasser

_MG_6481_copyright_ACFL Kopie
_MG_6516_copyright_ACFL Kopie
_MG_6517_copyright_ACFL Kopie
Shankill - Pram
Shankill Carwash
_MG_6481_copyright_ACFL Kopie thumbnail
_MG_6516_copyright_ACFL Kopie thumbnail
_MG_6517_copyright_ACFL Kopie thumbnail
Shankill - Pram thumbnail
Shankill Carwash thumbnail

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