20 Min, Video 4K, 2018

Screenplay: Elena Preine, Siegmund Skalar
Director: Siegmund Skalar
Cinematography: Max Christmann
Editing: Anna Kirst
Sound: Richard Bruzek

1 AC: Christina Verena Bauer
Lighting: Moritz Thomas
Make-up: Beata Wajda
Translations: Simina Badea

with: Brigitta Kanyaro, Marika Jurasch, Petra Altmann, Stefan Wanka
Adrian Porowski, Brajan Zmij, Clara Hawlicek, Marina Heissenberger

A young woman from eastern Europe spends several weeks in a remote countryside house in Austria taking care of an elderly lady. Her everyday life is dominated by solitude and intimacy.

Herrmanns1 Kopie
Herrmanns4 Kopie
Herrmanns5 Kopie
Herrmans2 Kopie
Herrmans3 Kopie
Herrmanns1 Kopie thumbnail
Herrmanns4 Kopie thumbnail
Herrmanns5 Kopie thumbnail
Herrmans2 Kopie thumbnail
Herrmans3 Kopie thumbnail

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